Classic Space Gets Revenge!

Whack side
I made this for another odd Eurobricks contest. The idea was that you did two things with the new (and generally not liked) Mars Mission aliens. One, “whack” them in some inventive way.

Whack front
Check! What could be more apporpiate than being whacked by classic LEGO spacemen?

Secondly, you needed to do a movie parody involving them.

Mine was The Empire Strikes Back, with the quote “Put Captain Glow-lo in the cargo hold”…



Photos are hosted on Flickr. I used it a lot around then, but I’ve forgotten my password…

CONTEST: Whack-a-Fig II – Revenge Of The Whacker

In the time before time there was the Whack-A-Fig contest… and here is the long promised sequel! For years Hinckley has been traumatised by memories of this walrus wedgie wiener whack incident…

walrus wedgie wiener whack
…and today his revenge will be complete.

Whack-a-Fig II
Hinckley steals the Blue Bucket and tells Sinner / Siegfried / That Walrus where it is. It’s such an obvious trap, but the buckets lure is irresistible, and he doesn’t know that attached to it is a fridge full of Ice Cube Trays….

Now it’s your turn for revenge; go here for more details!