Uncharted 2 Glitch

I was playing Uncharted 2 a while back and while I was in the Monastery level, this happened;

Uncharted 2 glitch 1
These things are so freaky. I was busy minding my own business and these guys threw a grenade at me. I hid behind a nearby shield and I suspect that caused the problem. I must have been forced back and instead of hitting a wall I fell over an “edge”.

Uncharted 2 glitch 2
Something like the happened earlier in the same area. I’d just finished the car chase scene, beat the guards and I noticed the doors to the road were open. There are loads of “treasures” in the game so I though this would be a likely place. Instead I “fell” down a hole. I could climb up or down too safely. I didn’t take any photos of this as I thought it was a solid glitch, but it turns out that door is never supposed to be left open!

Uncharted 2 glitch 3
On a positive note, I did learn something. While I was hanging I watched the fight for a while. Elena (one of the co-stars) kept shooting and the guys kept throwing grenades, but no one died. Darn. I could swear that she seemed to help…

Uncharted 2 glitch 4
After I no longer found it amusing I tried to climb up, but I found I couldn’t, leaving me with the only option of falling to my doom.

Uncharted 2 glitch 5
Even so, it’s a great game; I’ve played it 1.95 times… (I’m playing it on hard this time and I’m stuck on the last stage.)

Harsh discipline in Metal Gear Solid 4?

Originally posted on the ACAPsoft forum, 12 Mar 2009

I was playing Metal Gear Solid 4 the other day (for the third time…) and I saw something moving. Here is an in-game photo…

…and close-up.

Odd. Very odd. It would have been odd enough even without the hand still moving. Shooting her had no effect however so the game must have seen her as dead…ish. I’ll have to look out for this next time I play and see if it happens again! On a similar note (and for those that don’t know what they are supposed to look like) here is a Haven Trooper.. in Figure form!