Stretched Elephant

Honest Nirmal Hello beauteous one!
Princess Tamina Er… hello?
Honest Nirmal I notice there that you are on a camel.
Princess Tamina Yes, thanks for that.
Honest Nirmal No, no, no, you misunderstand! Someone such as you deserves something much grander!
Princess Tamina ..and I suppose you have it?

Honest Nirmal Indeed I do! I present my stretched elephant!
Princess Tamina Oh my!
Honest Nirmal Yes, 2000 years of selective breeding you see before you!
Princess Tamina I’m sure… I’ll take it!
Honest Nirmal I knew you would! The handler comes with it and after trade in it’s only 200 gold pieces.

Princess Tamina It’s a bargain! I love how I can look down on every one!
Honest Nirmal I have no doubt… happy journeys!

Honest Nirmal Now I best be off before she comes back to complain when he dies in a few days… but what to do with the camel? Oh! Hello! Good sir; I notice you’re eating a heart; would you be interested in a camel for afters?