Stretched Elephant

Honest Nirmal Hello beauteous one!
Princess Tamina Er… hello?
Honest Nirmal I notice there that you are on a camel.
Princess Tamina Yes, thanks for that.
Honest Nirmal No, no, no, you misunderstand! Someone such as you deserves something much grander!
Princess Tamina ..and I suppose you have it?

Honest Nirmal Indeed I do! I present my stretched elephant!
Princess Tamina Oh my!
Honest Nirmal Yes, 2000 years of selective breeding you see before you!
Princess Tamina I’m sure… I’ll take it!
Honest Nirmal I knew you would! The handler comes with it and after trade in it’s only 200 gold pieces.

Princess Tamina It’s a bargain! I love how I can look down on every one!
Honest Nirmal I have no doubt… happy journeys!

Honest Nirmal Now I best be off before she comes back to complain when he dies in a few days… but what to do with the camel? Oh! Hello! Good sir; I notice you’re eating a heart; would you be interested in a camel for afters?

Killing the Dead

Back in 2007 there was a vig contest on Eurobricks where you needed to do MOC about how to kill skeletons. Here’s my entry!

Sinner was walking home to his Paddle Steamer one night after a long night of AD&D when he was attacked by four skeletons. Was he worried? Not a chance! He simply pulled out his AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide (1979), turned to page 211, and started to explain to them the way it was. But he had barely started when they screamed and threw themselves over a nearby cliff, where they shattered into a thousand pieces. “But I haven’t even started telling you about what’s in the Monster Manual…” sighed the disappointed walrus.

Killing the Dead Pic 1

Killing the Dead Pic 2

Killing the Dead Pic 3

Fish and LEGO

Prior to coming out of the closet I used any excuse I could to build “needed” stuff out of LEGO. A breast pump was one… and fish tank decorations was another. This was back in 2004 and I had got into fish keeping (it’s a long sad story) so…

Clean Tank!
..while the tank was stabilising I made some decorations. Note for one how lame they are (it was my childhood LEGO, that’s my excuse, and I’m sticking with it!), and secondly how clean they are. Fast forward just three months…

Not Clean tank
…and you can see that it doesn’t take long for stuff to start growing on it…

Dirty tank
…and trust me; it’s a lot of work to get off. I still have some pieces that I can’t get clean.

As a free bonus, he’s another picture of my (now dead) Oscar Cichlid, Bargearse. This guy used to eat food out of my hand; I’d hold it about 5 centimeters (2 inches for Yank types) above the tank and he’d (OK, “he” could have been a she) grab it out of my hand, sometimes my finger as well. He was big too; about 15 centimeters (6 inches)! He especially loved eating smaller fish and like many Oscars he showed interest in the outside world. When I entered the room he got all excited and started expecting food and if I opened my mouth near the tank he would too. Quite remarkable for such a relatively small fish. Most cichlids seem quite smart… and most are trouble makers too!

While on the subject of fish, I did try to combat the algae with…

Bristlenose catfish
…bristlenose catfish. They did a good job at keeping the sides clean…

Lazy bristlenose catfish
…but they didn’t show much interest in LEGO care. Look to the bottom right; it’s that submarine….Cool fish though, probably my second favorite. For the most part they were quite reclusive fish and I suspect that’s why they were selective cleaners. Sometimes I’d not see them for a week and I’d think they all died.

The Luvly Laady

I at last got around to adding the page for The Luvly Laady. Also, Classic-Pirates were kind enough to blog the Luvly Laady too!

Voting is going on now, but being a Sci-Fi MOC in a Pirate Forum I don’t rate my chances too high! (I don’t go too well in contests actually… maybe I should get a new hobby?)

Finishing it will be delayed until I need her. I have at least three MOCs needed for the next two parts…

Desperate MOC

I’m still on the road at the moment, and I’ve been missing my LEGO. However all is not lost. Some pieces I missed while packing and I have them with me. I used them all in this MOC.

What it actually is I can’t say. It’s all rather sad though…