I’ve been talking about making this for a while, and at last I have… sorta. First off, the name. The secondary reason will be explained in time in my comic (more on that later), but I must confess that the primary reason is that it’s a subtle jibe at the never-ending stream of “Classic” LEGO sites. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em I suppose!

That lame reason aside, what I like to build isn’t that classic either; I prefer to build MOCs that I think are scientifically possible. To expand, I don’t believe that transporters, artificial gravity, “Deflectors”, “shields”… and other stuff like that are possible. Ever. Small fighters I don’t believe in either. Feel free to argue with me if you want; I can be convinced!

As part of this I plan to make a comic with an on-going story arc. At this stage I make no claim to have 200 single spaced pages in a triple-encrypted file… but I do hope to soon. The comic will feature existing and new MOCs, and I’ll be making a universe encyclopedia as I go.  My goal will be to keep the technology scientific and  not fantastical… and I’ll be hoping people pick on me if I falter. Many stories, such as B5, started out very believable, but by the end were not much better than Star Trek.

Sad to say, the comic won’t be a regular release; I’m a pretty busy guy already. Partially for this reason I’ll be posting about other things here as well; not all of it LEGO. I’m not completely sure yet at this stage, but just keep in mind that this is not a LEGO blog. Even so, I won’t be blogging about going to the toilet or things like that….

…oh yeah! My name is Andrew J Glina. Long term Sci-Fi and LEGO fanboy. I’m also an Admin at the LEGO site Eurobricks (Siegfried/Sinner) and I’m 34. I’ve got a more detailed bio if you’re curious.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you come back!