grüne Plastik-Soldaten?

Green Army Men at home

I got the 7595 Green Army Men set last month and I was looking at the alternate names for different languages.

English Green Army Men
German grüne Plastik-Soldaten (Green Plastic Soldiers)
Polish? Soldats
Spanish? Soldados
Portuguese? Os Soldadinhos
Hungarian? zöld játékkatonák

Languages interest me as they are an evolving entity. TLG/Disney must have researched this and thought these were the right names, yet there seems to be a lot of variance for such a simple world-wide concept.

I took advantage of the fact that Eurobricks is a multinational site and asked some questions! I learnt a lot about different languages during this exercise, things like it’s standard practice to capitalise that way in German, and that the translators must have seen the “Plastic-Soldiers” as the name, and the green as an adjective. (That is grüne lower case and the “Plastik-Soldaten” capitalised and hyphenated.)

I also learnt that the Dutch version is:

Dutch Soldaten op patrouille (Soldiers on patrol)
Swedish Gröna armémän (Green army-men)

LEGO; educational for many reasons!