Domo-Kun vs Grand Emporium!

Domo Attack!

While I only recently bought Grand Emporium, I made Domo a while back; I love Domo-Kun!

Domo hug
Don’t worry; he might look scary, but he just wants a hug.

Domo potatoes
Domo loves to eat potatoes.

Domo salute
Domo salutes! I’m not sure why… he tends to daydream a lot.

Domo and friend
Domo and his large soft friend.

Domo and Walrus
Domo and his new friend.

Domo worried
Domo stressed! Careful; he tends to fart…

Domo walk
Domo is searching for adventure!

Interestingly this was the first case, that I know of, when a MOC of mine was plagiarised. Someone on MOCpages posted this as their own. I complained (politely) and my comment was removed. Thankfully the member took it down eventually.

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