Review: 2145 Stormer 3.0 The rebirth of the greatest hero the world will ever know

NOTE: This review is written by our guest reviewer, Preston Stormer.

Set Index: Stormer 3.0

The clarion call was made, and I responded, as I always do. But new situations call for new bodies, so as good as Stormer 2.0 is, I needed to change.

"Alas, poor Stormer 3.0! I knew him, Horatio."…. sorry, just practicing my lines.

I can combine with Rocka 3.0 and become somewhat more powerful. Sometimes I need that extra 1%.

This is the raw components that make up my new body. The next 20 pages detail how much power I have, but I won't bore you with the details.

Laid out, the core components look simple, but that is just because you don't know what I know. Only the best goes into the Stormer parts bin.

I must confess, I expected a bird, an eagle for example. But a rhino was picked instead. In hindsight it makes sense; I am rather strong.

My mask is especially special. It not only resembles a rhino horn, it also looks like a knights helmet to symbolise the honour, bravery and modesty that I have.

I like the second horn.

It connects to my head in the standard fashion, but in this case it is extra strong.

This part was specially made for my new weapon, but I have allowed the second rate samples to be used by others. I'm sharing like that. This part is especially useful as it's another of the HF-to-clip parts.

This part looks passable inside as well. The ridges may just be there for strength, but they look good in any case.

Here is the same part being used to form my weapon. I don't really need weapons, but I use them anyway so the other heroes don't feel too inferior.

Unlike last time, I am the same height as the other heroes. It comes down to it that I don't need that kind of advantage. I could be half the size and I'd still be the most powerful hero.

Ready for transfer! I like the bulk of the left shoulder.

Transfer in three… two…

Von: No! Two Prestons! Why is the world so cruel?!

Stormer: Rhino power!


Perfect. 10/10

Nothing but net in all cases. 10/10

Like a fine red wine I just get better with age. 10/10

A+++ 10/10

The only thing that comes close to this set is Stormer 2.0 10/10

….errr…. OK.

The REAL Ratings

Very considering many previous lines of this size. His weapon is more posable this time as well 9/10

If you don't have the sets from the last wave then this is a great buy (and add 4 to this score!), otherwise this set is a good buy only for the mask and the name panel. For the other new parts you'd be better off buying a bigger set. 5/10

All jokes aside, I do like the helmet. It's more usable than the other ones as it's animal origins are less clear. 9/10

What's Hero Factory without Preston? 7/10

It's much the same as Stormer 2.0, isn't it? A few different colours, a different mask and different weapon, but other than that, much the same. More and more I do question the logic in this whole "Six Good Guys" concept. This line is very good when compared to nothing, but when you compare them to others in the line and the 2.0 wave I think it's too similar. Perhaps right now TLG are trying to restrict the number of new moulds and that's why these are so similar, but I hope the next batch will have more variety, such as a 100% unique weapon for each Hero. (Note: Ignoring the 2.0 line these get a 8 from me…) 6/10

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