Review: 2144 Nex 3.0 Sabre Toothed Soldier

Set Index: Nex 3.0

Grrr! Nex is back and this time he bites!

The combiner crosses a tiger with a panther (Stringer 3.0). Scary!

These sets never look too impressive on the virtual parts list, and this is no exception. What doesn't help is that the legs and arms are just 4x the same thing.

The real parts spread looks better, especially the new pieces.

The Sabre Toothed Tiger mask is nice. It looks catish while still looking mechanical.

It connects in the standard way.

I like how the new name panels are on a transparent part. This one in particular heavily resembles the mask.

These parts aren't new, but I do like the metal "colour".

This part however is new. I especially like how this line uses the clip joints; this aids using HF parts with System and vice versa.

Due to the mould being inverted on the other side these look OK on both sides.

Time to build! Heres the 4x that I mentioned earlier…

…and this is how it looks at mid point. I think he needs some "Weight Gain 4000".

Finished! I'm going to pass on the back shots this time…

Nex 3.0 has two hands, which I always prefer and is a big visual change from Nex 2.0, but at the core this is a very similar set.

I do much prefer his weapons; especially the absence of that shield. You can see here how good looking that new piece is from both sides.

Night all!


Very considering many previous lines of this size. His weapon is more posable this time as well 9/10

If you don't have the sets from the last wave then this is a great buy (and add 4 to this score!), otherwise this set is a good buy only for the mask and the name panel. For the other new parts you'd be better off buying a bigger set. 5/10

I do like this colour combination, and it works well with the mask. The claw is very with the whole tiger thing too. 8/10

Déjà vu? 4/10

It's much the same as Nex 2.0, isn't it? A few different colours, a different mask and different weapon, but other than that, much the same. More and more I do question the logic in this whole "Six Good Guys" concept. This line is very good when compared to nothing, but when you compare them to others in the line and the 2.0 wave I think it's too similar. Even the Rahkshi line had a wider part selection. Perhaps right now TLG are trying to restrict the number of new moulds and that's why these are so similar, but I hope the next batch will have more variety, such as a 100% unique weapon for each Hero. (Note: Ignoring the 2.0 line this gets an 8 from me…) 6/10

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