Review: 2282 Rocka XL Supersize Me

Set Index: Rocka XL

….and so Rocka interfaced the Xtreame Largeness module into his Hero Core and became Rocka XL!… Actually I'm making that up. In any case Rocka XL is a titan version of Rocka 3.0. Is bigger better? Well I don't have the standard version so I can't tell you yet… but I can tell you that someone seems to have sat on this box during transit. :hmpf_bad:

The traditional good vs bad image is at the back… which is too edited for my taste. Back box shots of recent Star Wars sets have been less edited lately; I hope the trend extends to Hero Factory in time.

Let's start with the contents. All bagged except the torso. To my surprise there's a decent size collection of pins, but I suppose it's hard to go pin free for such a large model.

It's got a nice spread of parts though, and loads of gold!

Here's the official parts page with the classic "ouch!" on the left side.

Back on the gold, he's got a gold chest…

…even a gold Zamor sphere. (Yeah, I know they probably aren't called that anymore.)

The gold helmet is quite nice. Not as nice as the CG-enhanced box shot, but it's detailed. (Note that since the helmet is the 1:1 shot on the box it's not completely unclear that the eyes don't really glow.) I wonder if the "H" on the side is supposed to be one?

From the rear it's a bit bland, but I prefer it to the double-heads so I'll try to not complain too much!

It uses the standard two rod connectors; I wonder how many of these helmets will end up being used as figureheads…

Maybe this is why he's bigger; two name panels! Like the 2.0s it's a nice print.

I do like this new piece; I can see this being useful for many MOCs. It's made of a flexible rubbery material and I quite like the metallic effect.

These are also new. There are a few pieces from this new line that have clip style connections. I like this a lot.

Loads of these spiky things. I'm not sure if these are supposed to be good versions of the "Quaza spike" things that the bad guys have, but it'd make sense. As a guess it's not; Bulk 3.0 has two.

The two sides aren't the same, but TLG have done a good job of making them similar.

OK, it's time to assemble! At first a solid core of ball joints is made… it kind of reminds me of a dog!

Instructions at the same stage!

After that the legs are built up…

…spikes are added…

…and with a roar he's finished! My first thought is; "What eyes does he see with?" The front of the box implies it's the helmet, but the rear has the internal eyes glowing instead… :wacko:

From the back he's passable and he still looks nice and beefy.

There's a few spare parts, but nothing exciting.

Rocka XL does deserve his name; he makes Von look rather short!

Compared to a standard 3.0 figure he's vastly bigger…

…and I feel a bit sorry for Waspix too!


Very good, but it's hardly surprising with the titans. I especially like how you can adjust the angle of the big lower legs. 10/10

If you like the gold you'll love this set! It also comes with loads of the new parts, all of which I love. 9/10

There's a lot I like about him, and there's a lot I don't. The white insides looks weird to me (same story with the red but that's not as obvious), I wish they found a different solution to the grey Technic Pin Long with Stop Bush in the shoulder and the front of the lower legs seem unfinished with that grey 3 beam. (I might change mine to a black.) 7/10

As I've already said, the titans of this line look a bit unfinished to me. A different part/colour in the legs, some more bulk in the hips… I think just a little bit extra would have made a big difference. 8/10

Regardless of what I've said, I do like Rocka XL. Not as much as Von, but I still think he's an imposing figure and I think they'll learn to get on. I would love to see something similar at a higher price point however. (Chances are market research and past experience says it won't sell… :cry_sad:) 8/10

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