MOC: Batspeed

Brickbeard was almost out of luck. The ‘Bounty suffered major keel damage when he was forced to take her over a reef to escape from the new Imperial Flagship. (How dare they get a bigger ship?!) Unable to pay the cost of repairs he made a gamble; using all his hoarded treasure he’d buy a smaller ship and go back to his roots as a smuggler to raise the gold.

With him he took none of his old crew, and at short notice he found he had slim pickings. Two looked like George Michael, one looked as old as his clothes did, and the other just liked hanging around wearing as little as possible. But they were good sailors.

Even so, being a traditionalist he still carried the colours, but he resisted flying them too much and never from the mast!

This ship he found as the “White Pearl” and after buying a replacement figure head he dubbed her “Batspeed”. The ships was ideal for the job; she had a small draft, an excessive amount of sails and she didn’t look so much like a pirate ship.

Only one cannon was carried; any more would have been suspicious.

Being an ex-nobleman’s ship she was fast and had good sea-keeping qualities, so in part to maintain the image, he took on passengers sometimes. This one was reportedly looking for his “rightful” bucket.

MOC Notes:

I needed to build a pirate ship ASAP so it could be sent to Brickworld and this weekend I found the time. I spent about a day on it so I’m happy all things considered. When I get it back I’ll probably buy some of the smaller sails…

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