Review: 2141 Surge 2.0 Can you reFUSE him?

Set Index: Surge 2.0

Like many of the Heroes, Mark Surge has had a change of life and is now a sniper. I think it looks good on him!

His combiner is with Nex.

It’s really pleasing to see that the part numbers in the action figure sets is up again. Some of the recent lines, such as the Stars, were of questionable value.

The parts spread looks pretty good too. Interestingly in my recent LEGO catalog the new line has a big sign; “Up to 50% more elements in each can”. I haven’t done the maths, but I think they’re right!

I think this is my favourite part of the new HF line. I’m a huge Gundam fan and just looking at that part gives me ideas…

Hmmm… Gundam…. moving on!

Definitely one of the best head pieces. I could go on about the oddness of a communications headset on a robot… but I wont. 😀 Ultimately the whole sniper-scope-plus-headset is a cliché and that’s just what I think TLG are doing.

Doesn’t look the best from the bottom but that’s OK.

The weapon assembly is simple but smart. I quite like the colour combinations of this figure.

Surge wears his name badge on his shoulder. I find it interesting how, while they all use the same head, due to different parts of it being exposed they seem to have different expressions. To me, for example, Surge seems to be smiling smugly!

My biggest complaint with Surge is his possibility; the gun is cool, but you’re limited to…

…this angle if you want him to be lined up properly and have both hands on the gun.

You can cheat though by doing side shots.

From the rear he has mixed successes. The side-mounted armour pieces help flesh him out, but the black/white contrast makes his torso look non-existent. An extra piece or two to go on those spare back ball joints would help a lot.

Aim for the skies!


Due to the gun his action poses are a bit limited. A different way to hold the gun for either hand would have helped a lot. Otherwise he’s quite good. 7/10

A quite good blend of parts, especially in regard to the amour pieces. One of the best head pieces. 9/10

Probably my favourite of the lot. Good colour combination, he has the new gun piece… and he doesn’t have that shield piece. 10/10

At 77 grams he’s one of the heavier ones and I like how his weapon is less radical. (Sub note; it would have be easy to drop his weight slightly by removing the spike.) 8/10

If you buy only one of these sets, I’d advise Surge. 9/10

“This’ll shoot the fleas off a dog’s back at five hundred yards.”

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