Review: 2142 Breez 2.0 She’s gone (even more) butch

Set Index: Breez 2.0

Natalie Breez is back! I like the new canisters. I must admit though that I am surprised that TLG keep making them. I personally find them useful and still have all of mine, but I keep reading how people often throw them out. As a guess they’d add 10% to the cost which for many people would be better spent on extra parts.

Hmmm. Preston and Natalie combine… no I won’t go there.

Full parts list.

No pins. No axles. No gears. As a long term buyer of this type of LEGO it’s interesting… and good. It makes the line fresh. Even so, there are no spares in this set.

Having a custom printed part each set is smart. I think it would have been better without the name, but I suppose it has it’s advantages and disadvantages. It is more relevant for the theme, them being heroes and all.

At last it’s possible to get inside the head of a woman….!

The visor head/headband/face thing. It attaches top and bottom using the common HF tabs.

To me the rear is the highlight; it’s a classic! As Peppermint_M said to me…

“Yay, Masamune Shirow bunny ears!”

Each hero set uses the same head, which is hardly surprising. It’s a nice new mold though.

At the bottom is a well re-enforced ball joint receptacle…

…and the top has the HF tabs.

While I do like this head piece, I think it would have been better if the piece covered her head less. In fact, some of these pieces give me naughty knife-involving customisation thoughts…

I like the new head top, but I think TLG should have had at least one of the sets without it for variety reasons. The “goggle” part in particular is too dominant.

Same standard HF connection.

Finished! Her head is hard to pose; I think she looks odd if you can’t see the “eyes”.

Nope! Still didn’t manage it!

The new parts do give the figures a more fuller rear, but it still is a weak spot. Does her butt look big in this? No! (In fact at 75 grams she’s one of the lighter Heroes!)



If you want her eyes showing you’ll either need just the right angle or a really bright light, but aside from that very! 8/10

A quite good blend of parts, especially in regard to the amour pieces. 9/10

Err…. this is female? It’s an odd enough idea that they even have male/female, but I really wish TLG would make their female action figures look more distinctive. To my knowledge they’ve only done it once with 8761 Roodaka, who had hair, heels, earrings… and boobies! I’m not saying that boobies-make-the-girl, but I do think there should be some difference that seems feminine. The most perplexing thing is that the core piece is the wide shoulder version…. 5/10

She doesn’t look like a she. Bla bla bla 5/10

Sorry to say I’m a bit disappointed again with the female hero. 6/10

Take that Von!

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