But wait, there’s worse!

For the many that think my ideas of what is Sci-Fi and what isn’t are a bit extreme, it seems my views are rather moderate! I just read this blog post on amctv.com and…. wow!

Personally I think she goes too far. I agree that Inter-Species Mating is pure rubbish, and that Precognition is probably better seen as fantasy, but questioning the believability of Godzilla is silly; it’s supposed to be a hybrid of a gorilla and whale afterall.

Most of all, her stance on “Ray Guns” is odd and rather simplistic. Straight away she pretty much says that all “Ray Guns” are lasers and then explains why they would make silly weapons. While I agree that lasers would have limitations, I disagree about the initial assumption as there are other “Ray Gun” options. Babylon 5 for example have a nice solution (and a cool looking effect in the first season) with PPGs (possibly the same concept is in Terminator and Aliens), and Nikola Tesla in the 1930s believed a Teleforce weapon was possible.

Even so, it’s nice to be on the other side for once!

2 thoughts on “But wait, there’s worse!

  1. It seems like she doesn’t really understand Sci-fi herself.
    The only reason why in sci-fi movies they have the raygun beams visible and going rather slow is because it would be boring to watch a lazer fight where you see nother but people pressing triggers and falling.

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