LEGO Sinner Computing Banner

To cut a long story short, I’m re-activating (it used to just re-direct) the old domain name of my software company while still using the current name so I needed a new version of this…

Banner One
..banner. This was the original banner for my site, made in an afternoon using MSPaint over ten years ago. While I love the colour purple, it is a bit much at times, so I went for a more subtle embossed green look a few years later…

Banner 2Banner 2
…but I never liked that one very much so I couldn’t use that either. Besides, my current banner…

ACAPsoft Banner
…was a continuation of that colour theme and I wanted to make both look different. But no purple. At first I was going to do a vector drawing like the ACAPsoft one (made using Inkscape) but then I thought; Let’s mix business with pleasure and make a LEGO one!

My initial thought was a free standing design using a similar lettering concept to Grand Emporium, but the more I thought about it the more I had doubts. How would I stack the top level? Could I do a snake and make it stand up? Eventually it became clear that a mosaic style was smarter. Instantly I dived to my board collection to find my 2 16×16 Mosaic boards, but I could only find one. Thus I was forced to use a 48×48 board…. which as it turns out was what I needed anyway as I massively underestimated the size needed!

New Banner, take 1
Here’s what I ended up with. Letter wise I didn’t have too much trouble; only the “M” was a major issue… although I’m still a bit iffy on the “I”s and “T”s. I had trouble with a lower case “r” that I liked so I decided to go for a upper case “Sinner” in this version. (The letters are 100% my design… even though I bet I’m not the first to do ones like this.) Making the snake was one of the biggest problems; I started that several times, and each time it just got too big. So I ended up going for as small as possible and that worked out OK, even thought it took all of my green 1×4 plates. (The Walrus is there as I was considering making him a part of the banner, but it looked confusing when shrunk down so I skipped it in the end.) Taking the photo was another matter. Inside I was having trouble with light levels and angles…

New Banner, take 2
…but outside just caused sharp shadows.

New Banner, take 3
Eventually I angled the plate so it faced the sun and took the photo from the angle that didn’t block the light and didn’t cause too much shine. But I was still left with a lot of shine…

Test Banner
…and my first test banner highlights this. What you say? I thought you said “no purple”? Yeah, I changed my mind; I love purple… Anyway, at this stage I was out of time so I cheated; using GIMP I added a black filter to the shiny areas…

New Banner Big
…leaving me with this…

New banner
…which when reduced looks OK.

I’m still not 100% happy with it. Since I went for purple in the end white letters would have made more sense, and I’ll probably do a revised version in a few months. I needed this fast so all things considered it’s turned out OK and it looks OK on the site.

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