New set; 10213 Space Shuttle!

It’s a dream come true! At last there’s a new LEGO Shuttle… and this one looks the best yet! I missed the others due to being in my “Dark Ages” and I’m not going to miss this one. A lot of the classic ones were too small, and the others were not designed for mini-figs. But supposedly this one is!

Sure some sizes are a bit wonky (the ET, External Tank, is too small for one) but it’s hard to do it perfectly at this scale. I love how they included the top level of the launcher platform; it’s the perfect way to display it. Any lacking in detail don’t really concern me; this has all the parts needed to build a shuttle at this scale (especially the ET) and anything extra would be fun to make yourself. I’d love to make satellites to scale! Those “fairings” at the rear wing root are wrong so I bet it has a working rear undercarriage there. I don’t like the red trans pieces on the rockets; the OMS (Orbital Maneuvering System) isn’t used at the same time as the SSMEs (Space Shuttle Main Engines) and…

…they burn almost clear. (The “waste” of the SSME is just water.) But that’s easily fixed too! This is the set of the year!

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