I love Apple Episode 1: iPad

My love for the company known as Apple is widely known. I love to be told what is and isn’t cool, how I must do something, and I especially love it when a company forces me to do things a certain way… OK maybe not.

In any case the Apple iPad reviews have been sickeningly glowing lately. Why a device that costs more than my Acer Aspire One, but can do far, far less has been receiving so much love is quite beyond me. So far I’ve read one fair review. But I did get a chuckle today. It turns out that Apple has decided that the random function of the iPad should be deemphasised and hidden as they feel their “Genius” function is superior. (No idea if this is true or not; I’d never install iTunes on any machine that I had any respect for.) CNET, ‘cos they love Apple so much, have provided a tutorial to access the old random function, but there’s one problem for the much suffering iPad users.

It’s in flash…

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