As mentioned earlier, I’m going to make an in-universe encyclopedia to go with the comic, and the first part is ready! The main index is here. All that’s there at the moment is a few detail entries explaining some brief universe backgrounds.

As it is said on each page, the science is researched, but that doesn’t mean it’s fact. Thus feel free to tell me that my ideas or information are wrong! Also, things might change as the story progresses. I hope to keep it to a minimum, but it can be hard to avoid this.

9 thoughts on “Encyclopedia

  1. Yes! This weekend… It’ll only be about 7 panels though as I’m getting short on time due to the move. If I have time I’ll do the rest, but I have another MOC to make for that.

    The funny thing is that I planned to make this about 3-5 panels in total, but due to expanding things and me deciding that things wouldn’t be clear enough it’s ended up bigger than I expected. The good thing is that the rest will be more MOC less photo editing…

  2. Yes, I’m juggling LEGO and moving right now as well. I’ll be moving again in a couple of months into a more permanent place…hopefully! In the meantime Fabuland Housewives, Season 2, Episode 1 is nearing completion! Can’t wait to see yours!

  3. I’m very impressed that you’re able to continue Fabuland Housewives so soon! I thought that a new episode of the W&W was going to be first though?

  4. Well, where’s the damn comic???

    Anyway, yes. Season 2 episode 1 (#17) is almost complete. I’m on the last scene. The new Whacker and the Walrus is written but it needs to be re-written. I’m revamping the whole thing so I can maybe publish it and bring it to conventions. I have to re-visit the beginning and make it about a little more than underwear and punching people. 😀

  5. I’ll have to comment more there too. I wish we could see who is talking. Comics are typically character driven. But your ships are really cool! I’d like to see more.

    And I said a LITTLE more than underwear and violence. Wedgies and swirlies will still feature prominently of course, but there will need to be more story arc and character development. So that people who aren’t EB members can learn to enjoy all the personalities.

    You’re a friend of Classic-Town?? Cool! :)

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