The Abyss

I first posted this on Eurobricks 3 years ago as an excuse for me to change my head!

Sinner Tug
Sinner was working hard one day and it suddenly occurred to him that his life was missing something.

Sinner post
After some reflection, meditation and some tantric sex he realised what it was and wrote a letter to…

Paddle steamer
…the guy that he lost his beloved paddle steamer to. It was many years ago, but it was something to do with two bottles of bourbon, a goat, and some cards. As it turned out, he no longer wanted it so Sinner was able to buy it for a fraction of its true worth. While he was disappointed that it wasn’t 100% the way he remembered, he knew he could restore it to near mint condition given time.

Essential supplies
First of all though he had a journey in mind and he knew that only his old paddle steamer had the deep water handling that he needed. His friends tried to persuade him not to go, but he knew this was something he had to do. Refusing even to tell them his destination, he quickly packed some essential supplies…

Sailing off into the sunset
…and he steamed off that very day. Many thought he would never return.

The return
88 days later he returned, but people could tell at a glance that he was not the same walrus. For he had journeyed to end of the world and looked into the abyss. The abyss looked back at him, and he was forever changed, as its darkness had seeped into his eyes…

Dark eyes
Sinner never spoke of that journey.

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