Keyrings Off!

Here’s how to convert a Rock Monster keyring to just a Rock Monster. Grasp the keyring firmly and pull! You expected more? OK…

The key thing that I wanted to share is he’s not glued. I thought he was from the start so the first thing I did was try to crack the “seal” as I was concerned that I’d break the head if it was fixed from the inside. But this achieved nothing but damaging the poor fellow as I found that the mouth did lift a bit, just enough to show me that he’s moulded different to the regular figs. As you can see in the photo they’ve added an extra tube inside so they can use the normal pin and that’s how they kept the mouth closed.

The hole in the head is without glue as well. So all you need to do is pull/twist it out!

So there you are. A “new” Rock Monster minifig ready for…. dunno. He needs some love eh? Anyone know what colour paint Dark Grey is?

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