Review: 2067 Evo 2.0 Evolved Bulk?

Set Index: Evo 2.0

I see (Nathan) Evo as the replacement for Dunkan Bulk. Time will tell if he returns or not to prove me wrong! In any case he looks manly in his canister shot.

As I said in my Furno 2.0 review, I quite like this combiner. Most look good in fact. Maybe I should make a few…

Similar parts list to the other HF 2.0 sets, so no surprises here…

…and here are the real parts!

To get the worst out of the way, I don’t think much of this shield. Yeah I’m being picky as it is a shield afterall, and it looks like one, but it just doesn’t excite me.

The highlight is the “roughened” prong pieces, and I like how this texture is on both sides.

I do however like the mask piece. The vent at the front deepens and darkens the face, which works well with the purple head.

Doesn’t look as good from the bottom, but what is apparent is the effort TLG have gone to to make a quite complicated piece well re-enforced.

Head assembly. Sometimes I think I need a page like this for my own…

Evo proudly displaying his shield he knows I love so much. I do however like how the big spiked shoulder piece looks…

…especially how it fleshes out the arm when viewed from the back.

Like the other sets he has a custom print. Very nice…

“La La La, Someone Save the Hero Factory!” A patriotic moment. Please note that these are the soft spears, which for the most part look normal. Wonderful parts!

Intimidation practice. The shield/weapon part looks better from this angle.


Very. All the heroes are. His big shoulder piece is good in that it doesn’t restrict the movement while making him look solid at more angles. 8/10

Probably one of the better blend of parts, and it includes two of the new gun piece. 9/10

Another interesting but successful colour combination. …and purple! :sweet: 9/10

If you don’t want to buy the lot, I think Evo is one of the better ones to pick. 9/10

Buy a 77 gram buddy for Nex! 9/10

Review: 2068 Nex 2.0 The Nex best thing?

Set Index: Nex 2.0

I see (Julius) Nex as the replacement for Jimi Stringer. In any case… Nex 2.0? Where’s the 1.0?! He’s got a nice cannister though, and those ships in the background makes me hope that TLG experiment with a system crossover line.

On the back is the usual combiner as well as the usual massive amount of text.

Read it all? As a reward, here is the parts list…

…and the parts themselves! Orange and white is a common colour blend for TLG, but I think the green is a new aspect.

I love the new metal colours. I think they are the same as the soldiers to the right, but I’m not the best a judging things like that. It’s a nice part too!

Random instruction page.

All of the Heroes have one of the new power cores. I’m a bit undecided if I prefer the unique colours over a consistent colour.

It’s held into the chest piece via the HF standard shaft. I wonder if anyone will make use of this part as an “I”…

I find the top of his mask part a bit odd; to me it’s a repetition of his arms!

The lower part make me think of a Grid-iron football player.

I like his ID panel. I think the printing works especially well on white.

Nex reporting for his next game! 10, 42, 36, hut, hut, hut!

Oh… he doesn’t seem so amused.

TLG are a bit conflicted about the correct configuration of this shield, but in this case I prefer the instructions over the cover photo. Thanks to the new ball joint panels the Heroes look quite decent from the side…

…at the usual expense of the back. It’s especially bad here due to the colour contrast.

The face part concept of this line is really smart. To me this one simple part make Nex look far more beefier in the face.



It’s hard to complain about the posability of the heroes. All have elbows, knees, wrists and ankles. His shield weapon does make posing a bit harder though. 8/10

Beefy look aside, at 76 grams he’s one of the lighter heroes. While the parts are well made I don’t like the new shield piece. 8/10

It may be overused, but the orange/while look works well. However it does highlight how nothing the backs are. 8/10

A more solid looking character and excellent articulation! 9/10

Let him join your team!. 8/10

Thanks go out to TLG for this exciting new line.