Von Nebula’s Tricycle of Transcending Transportation

For some time Von Nebula has been portrayed by Stormer as being the “worst villain of the galaxy” and that he has a “special hatred for Hero Factory”. Well the latter is right at least. Von in reality is a brilliant scientist who refused to give Slime Bag Stormer his secret knowledge; how to generate stable and controllable Black Holes from a simple looking staff. Their debates raged for several months, and cumulated with Stormer the Stupid trying to grab the staff during a complex procedure resulting in the much publicised accident. By the time he brought the black hole under control and saved Makuhero City, Stormer the Slanderer had won over the public and nothing Von said made any difference in their mind. But that’s a topic for another day.

Von keeps his body at peak efficiency by shunning powered vehicles. Sure if he’s in a hurry he just uses his staff, but for everyday transportation he uses a tricycle. This tricycle.

Conceived, designed, tested and built with his own hands, this is a tricycle like no other. The geared up giant front wheel gives him maximum speed and control.

At the rear is room for his staff. These days it’s keyed to his mind so no accidents like the one with Stormer the Sloppy can happen. It’s heavier than it looks so there’s little danger of it falling out. (No, you can’t seem me reflected in this photo….)

The extra storage receptacle at the front is useful for many tasks, especially when Von goes shopping.

Due to the mechanoid nature of those from Makuhero Belt conventional pedals aren’t needed; Von just inserts the Power Delivery Shafts into his feet and he’s ready to roll!

The trike by itself.

The mech and his trike.

Lotso: Can I borrow this, friend? I need to do some shopping.
Von: Sure!

Lotso: Maybe it’s not a smart idea. I can’t reach the handlebars or pedals and, no offense, but it’s rather uncomfortable on my face and testicles. I’ll walk.

Notes: This partially for a contest on Eurobricks, but is not a valid entry as I’m staff. I more made it as after I bought Von I thought; “He needs a tricycle!” I’m not sure why I thought that… In any case, here it is! Making a tricycle with working pedals (yes he can pedal the trike) for Von was harder than I expected. His legs may be poseable but considering the wheel I used they are a bit short. Thus the gearing. My original concept was going to be more girly; streamers, bell, flags…. but in the end I decided to just give him the basket.

8466 4×4 Off Roader re-creation

It’s been a dream of mine to own a LEGO Technic Supercar… and it’s still a dream! (I’m not a big fan of spending large amounts of money on used LEGO.) But I have now achieved the next best thing; a recreation of 8466 using the parts I have. To make this several sets had to die; 8106 Aero Booster, 8292 Cherry Picker, 8838 Shock Cycle, 8145 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, 8297 Off-Roader and 8386 Ferrari F1 Racer are the most notable ones.

Mechanically it’s 90% the same, structurally it’s about 60% and externally it’s… well it’s close, but since I didn’t have many of the original fairings that had more holes in them I had to make bigger changes there!

In a lame effort to make it look accurate I used some of the clear engine blocks.

The gear box was my main goal. I’ve been studying the pictures and instructions of the supercars for a while, but I still was unclear what was actually going on. Making one and being able to observe one first hand has enabled me to finally understand them. This one in particular is cool as it has 5 speed and reverse. Supercar owners will notice that I don’t have the correct gearbox top piece.

It’s a big beasty of a model. To me the biggest failing is the smaller wheels; I might bite the bullet there and buy the real ones!

The doors to this are very cool. They can be controlled individually and you simply press the axle on the top…

…and the top lifts at the same time as the bottom lowering. Flashy, but not unbelievable.

For added proof how big this is; ‘Daddy! Can I drive? Pleeeease?’ Unlike the current Technic line, the steering wheel is not just decoration. The interior is the original design but I went for the leather option.

I used up most of the Ferrari 599 fairing and flexible axle parts on this!

The center diff; one of the rare true LEGO 4x4s. It was one of the main reason why I made this and not the Super Street Sensation. (I’d rather have made 8880 but it is older and I am missing too many parts still.)

Rear view. You can see in the foreground the mechanics for the doors and in the background the rear of the gearbox.

Front diff. The model uses an interesting (and rather wasteful) technique of having a gear as a spacer.

One of my big disappointments with the current 8297 Off-Roader is the suspension is way too stiff. Arguably this is correct, but it makes a poor technical demonstration. This model however has a much better suspension with better travel… however (at least with mine) the front seems slightly too soft. I’ll probably try to tweak it by adding a second shock later.

Here’s one reason why this model is far superior to most modern Technic sets; it has a four studded beams running for most of the length of the chassis. These beams are then cross reinforced. Thus no flexing. Note the lime parts in the steering; building this was a strain on my parts.

So does this mean I no longer want a real supercar set, new or old? Not really; in fact it makes me want one more! The amount of parts needed was stunning, but it does highlight that the parts are in circulation if TLG chose to make one. I suspect that they will in time. The new line of fairings should let them make a car that not only has great function but great looks as well!

I really love the way LEGO do suspension. Building this has been an interesting experience. I don’t own any of the older large sets and it seems to me that the instructions and the build itself have been simplified. Many of the steps needed more careful alignment than what is expected of today. I was dismayed how fast my collection of gears were whittled down, forcing me to pick more parts of other models and MOCs!

So what’s my rating? Well it seems rather silly to rate this set seeing I haven’t actually got it… but I’ll do it anyway!


Shocks: Two front, two rear.
Drivetrain: 8 piston engine linked to the both wheels via 5 speed gearbox (with reverse), center differential, front and back differentials, plus universal and constant-velocity joints.
Steering: Rack and pinion via cab mounted steering wheel and hand of god on roof.
Doors: Damped gull wing doors with linked step.

This is the best drivetrain of any supercar. 10/10

Parts: Going by the original, this is a stunning kit. 10/10

Price: Looking at the sets I had to buy to be able to re-create this, I do wonder if I should have just bought one! I do have a lot of spare parts now though! However since I didn’t buy this as a set the rating makes no sense. N/A

Looks: Looking at the set photos, this set always seemed un-impressive to me. It wasn’t until I looked though the instructions when I realised how good this set was. Personally I think ignoring the smaller wheels, my version looks better… but it could just be that TLG took horrid photos. Eitherway, the original loses points here. 5/10

Fudge: It’s a supercar. 10/10

[b]Overall:[/b] Recommended. [b]10/10[/b]

There’s more pictures here. Nothing special, just slightly different angles.