Oxygen is for losers!

There’s been much discussion about the possibility of the origin of life on Earth being outside our solar system lately, and that’s one of the goals of the New Horizons mission.

Aside from being the first probe to actually visit Pluto (50 days till the half way point; 1780 days to go!) its secondary mission is to scout out, and hopefully flyby some Kuiper belt objects. (The Kuiper belt is the area where Pluto and other dwarf planets are found. It is believed that there are many thousand objects in that area, totaling around the mass of Earth.) It is from here that some of the local comets could come from (recent research points to the much further out and sparser Scattered disc being the source of most), and some believe that on these are ancient microbes. (It’s possible that Pluto could too; this is to be tested.)

These ideas have been given some strong support recently; on the ISS there was a recent experiment where some microbe samples were placed outside the station and given no protection. (The Van Allen belt would have offered some protection, but I digress.) 553 days later they were brought in…

…and some were still alive! It does make me wonder; if life can continue in space then why not Mars or Jupiter? Maybe the spacecraft hunting worm from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back isn’t so implausible afterall!

Classic Space Gets Revenge!

Whack side
I made this for another odd Eurobricks contest. The idea was that you did two things with the new (and generally not liked) Mars Mission aliens. One, “whack” them in some inventive way.

Whack front
Check! What could be more apporpiate than being whacked by classic LEGO spacemen?

Secondly, you needed to do a movie parody involving them.

Mine was The Empire Strikes Back, with the quote “Put Captain Glow-lo in the cargo hold”…



Photos are hosted on Flickr. I used it a lot around then, but I’ve forgotten my password…

Happy Birthday Slog!

It’s been a whole year! So how’s it been going? Awful slow sad to say. The comic itself is held up as my life has been a bit too unpredictable lately so I haven’t been able to find much time to make MOCs. No MOCs, no comic…

But the Slog has been going well at least! Roughly every week there’s been a new post here, thanks to the marvels of the WordPress scheduling system… and the fact that I have oodles of old content that I can re-cycle. Even so, over half of the posts are actually 100% new which I think is quite alright for a one-man blog. Recently we added a Twitter reposting function; while I’m not a huge fan of the site itself, due to me buying a HTC Desire recently (with integrated twitter among other things) I’ve seen the worth in Twitter as a news aggregator. Thus I’m joining the club!

So what’s coming up? Well I’m mostly finished several MOCs, but no real progress (in terms of building) has been made in regard to the comic. So expect some more MOCs soon… but the comic is on extended holiday for now.

REVIEW: LEGO Articulated Plush

Ever tried hugging a mini-fig? Hurts eh? Well thanks to the $25 AUD LEGO Articulated Plush you don’t need to suffer any longer.

This guy is obviously a construction fig, and his hat is removable. Unfortunately only the arms are “articulated” which does limit his use.

Aside from the yellow hands he’s a very close match to the real fig.

He is however better in that he has a back print and a full belt.

There’s actually four in the set, but since I’d rather spend $75 on actual LEGO I just bought one. (I’d probably feel different if they had different themes… or a female.) However for completeness I took these photos at the local K-Mart where I found them.

They all have back prints; the generic guy is supposed to have a cap but it was missing.

Here’s how they are supposed to be displayed. (K-Mart didn’t pay me for neatening up their shelf.)

It’s the perfect addition to a geeks soft toy collection!