Rolling stones ability to gather moss is underrated

Even ignoring the lack of moss on non-rolling stones (see below), I have serious doubts about the accuracy of the old saying “A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss”. How long will a stone roll for anyway? All things considered, it would be hard for a stone to roll for more than a few hours. Furthermore, when the average life of a rock is considered, this would be a rather small percentage of a stones life. Even given a short life of 10,000 years, and a rolling time of a week, this would be only a mere 0.000001916% of it’s life. I feel that the saying was just some made up to discourage people living a nomadic lifestyle, or perhaps to discourage change. Obviously too little effort was put into its creation, and no thought was given to the image of stones in general.

Stone A
Stone A was given to my daughter who rolled the stone around for a week. No moss gathered.

Stone B
Stone B has been in my garden for a few years and in that time no moss has been detected.

Stone C
Stone C was left next to a pond for a month to attract moss. No moss has been noticed but there might be some under the frog. Further tests will be conducted.

10186 General Grievous vs Tonberry: Quasi-Review

I’ve been wanting to take photos of this set for a while, but due to his size and shape it’s hard. Recently I decided due to a combination of his bulk, fragility and wanting some of the parts that it’s recycling time, and that caused him to run out the door.

But I was prepared; I had a tonberry at the ready.

Undeterred Grievous attacks!

The fight rages on…

…and the General senses an advantage…

…but it was just a diversion and they resume their positions.

The tonberry notices the weak spot…

…and moves in to strike…

…but it’s skillfully dodged!

Both combatants pause…

…and Grievous realises he may have met his match…

…and that he might be defeated by a soft toy.

Go tonberry!

My plan to break this aside, I think this is a very under appreciated set. As I said earlier, the model is very hard to photograph due to the size and complex shape, and I do think that this is a model that’s best appreciated in person. Even so, it’s a pain to keep together; parts fall off all the time, it’s hard to put in different poses, hard to dust… and that’s why I decided that I’d give him one last hurrah! Taking these photos was hard; balance is always a huge problem with Grievous, and parts kept falling off which is not a good thing when you’re outside. (A few are noticeably missing; especially the sabers.)

But I think that TLG did a great job making a model like this with relatively few pieces and if I had more room and pieces I’d keep him together.

Lighter than air argument gaining weight?

It’s probably just a coincidence, but soon after my post on airships this story covering the World Forum on Enterprise and the Environment turned up. Among other things, they were discussing the future of airships, and that they could be used for some transport in under 10 years.

Also, the US Army has recently selected a winner in the LEMV (Long-Endurance Multi-intelligence Vehicle) program for a recon airship with an endurance 3 weeks. Northrop Grumman’s design is a hybrid design (like HMS Indefatigable!) as this approach give the craft far better control. The contract is for 3 at the moment and they could be in service as early as next year.

Domo-Kun vs Grand Emporium!

Domo Attack!

While I only recently bought Grand Emporium, I made Domo a while back; I love Domo-Kun!

Domo hug
Don’t worry; he might look scary, but he just wants a hug.

Domo potatoes
Domo loves to eat potatoes.

Domo salute
Domo salutes! I’m not sure why… he tends to daydream a lot.

Domo and friend
Domo and his large soft friend.

Domo and Walrus
Domo and his new friend.

Domo worried
Domo stressed! Careful; he tends to fart…

Domo walk
Domo is searching for adventure!

Interestingly this was the first case, that I know of, when a MOC of mine was plagiarised. Someone on MOCpages posted this as their own. I complained (politely) and my comment was removed. Thankfully the member took it down eventually.