Happy Birthday Slog!

It’s been a whole year! So how’s it been going? Awful slow sad to say. The comic itself is held up as my life has been a bit too unpredictable lately so I haven’t been able to find much time to make MOCs. No MOCs, no comic…

But the Slog has been going well at least! Roughly every week there’s been a new post here, thanks to the marvels of the WordPress scheduling system… and the fact that I have oodles of old content that I can re-cycle. Even so, over half of the posts are actually 100% new which I think is quite alright for a one-man blog. Recently we added a Twitter reposting function; while I’m not a huge fan of the site itself, due to me buying a HTC Desire recently (with integrated twitter among other things) I’ve seen the worth in Twitter as a news aggregator. Thus I’m joining the club!

So what’s coming up? Well I’m mostly finished several MOCs, but no real progress (in terms of building) has been made in regard to the comic. So expect some more MOCs soon… but the comic is on extended holiday for now.


I’ve been talking about making this for a while, and at last I have… sorta. First off, the name. The secondary reason will be explained in time in my comic (more on that later), but I must confess that the primary reason is that it’s a subtle jibe at the never-ending stream of “Classic” LEGO sites. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em I suppose!

That lame reason aside, what I like to build isn’t that classic either; I prefer to build MOCs that I think are scientifically possible. To expand, I don’t believe that transporters, artificial gravity, “Deflectors”, “shields”… and other stuff like that are possible. Ever. Small fighters I don’t believe in either. Feel free to argue with me if you want; I can be convinced!

As part of this I plan to make a comic with an on-going story arc. At this stage I make no claim to have 200 single spaced pages in a triple-encrypted file… but I do hope to soon. The comic will feature existing and new MOCs, and I’ll be making a universe encyclopedia as I go.  My goal will be to keep the technology scientific and  not fantastical… and I’ll be hoping people pick on me if I falter. Many stories, such as B5, started out very believable, but by the end were not much better than Star Trek.

Sad to say, the comic won’t be a regular release; I’m a pretty busy guy already. Partially for this reason I’ll be posting about other things here as well; not all of it LEGO. I’m not completely sure yet at this stage, but just keep in mind that this is not a LEGO blog. Even so, I won’t be blogging about going to the toilet or things like that….

…oh yeah! My name is Andrew J Glina. Long term Sci-Fi and LEGO fanboy. I’m also an Admin at the LEGO site Eurobricks (Siegfried/Sinner) and I’m 34. I’ve got a more detailed bio if you’re curious.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you come back!