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Judicial - Magistrate Class Patrol Ship

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Here the shuttle has been removed. The grey projections hold the shuttle in place. The yellow door was a failed concept that I still hope to find a use for...

Probes - The idea is the black are more used for secret missions, and the yellow are used when they want to be seen...


Shuttle: Rear - There is access via the rear to the main ship. I don't like this hatch much, but since we have only three photos it isn't that big a deal; nobody will see it! I'll try to work out a better solution later but it's hard due to the available room. You can also see two of the 'Door Rail' pieces here that slides into the docking clamps.

Shuttle: Front - The nose piece is another piece that I saw as a ship piece straight away but haven't found an excuse for yet. I was going to use that trick in Impartial II, but I'm not sure now. (It's from the ice hockey sets...)


26 January 09: Phase III - I've skinned the main directional thrusters and finished the tops and sides. More detail might be added if time permits, but I doubt that will be the case.

Rear - The sides turned out largely as planned... but some of the detail I wanted to add hasn't happened as I didn't have as much of certain pieces as I thought I did.


Top removed - The left and right tops come off. I really want to add a basic interior as I would like to show off the internal doors.

Forward Ventilation - Still not done. I need to find time to finish this today or tomorrow.


Bussard - Here you can see both my possible 'Bussard electromagnetic scoop' designs.

Bussard detail - Side by side for comparison.


Rear - The rear is unchanged.

27 January 09: Phase IV - Physically I'm mostly done. I might change a bit here and there, but it'll be small stuff. The starboard side is at last filled. Due to time reasons it's not as I hoped, but it's better than my emergency plan; a flat wall!


Sensor - It's supposed to be a retractable sensor array. I'm not 100% happy with it, but considering the time left it'll have to do.

The Bussard scoops have been updated. I found a part that I couldn't before so the white dishes are gone. (They were just there to hide an odd part!)


From this angle I feel the concept works; to me it looks like a filled out ship skeleton. Overall I'm very happy with this. I'm not convinced I will win, but it's the biggest and best ship I've ever made. I look forward to finishing it after the competition!

Final - Now I need to add a basic interior and make some figs and then it's time for the pictures!


28 January 09: Phase V - Photo 1

Photo 2


Photo 3

Testing swooshability!

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