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Rotta the Huttlet's Jedi Starfighter

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Rotta the Huttlet was very different after his experiences. He used to want to be a Pod Racer, but on his return he realised he was meant to be a Jedi. He tried lifting objects with the Force, but failed. Wise Jabba decided that he needed to help Rotta live his dream realistically, so he commissioned a custom Jedi Starfighter replica!

Word fast came to the Republic of this new ship, but Jabba soon reassured them that it was just a replica. Even so, it is armed.


Performance wise it is superior to the Jedi model, but this is attributed to the lack of an astromech and a lighter pilot.

Rotta has proved to be a proficient pilot, and he often competes with some success in the Beggar's Canyon races. Once Jabba even let him be part of his personal guard when he travelled to Nal Hutta. However, none of these exploits have persuaded the Jedi Council to admit Rotta...

As if this wasn't enough, at home Rotta is quite spoiled by daddy. In his bedroom he has a baby Sarlacc (named Slurp), a model Death Star made from some plans Jabba stole for Rotta (what Punky Muffin wants, Punky Muffin gets) and a remote control Sandcrawler. He sleeps in a custom Sail Barge bed, and he always has fresh food at the ready. Seemingly out of place; books of Togrutas love stories are in a bookcase, and he keeps a certain backpack for sentimental reasons...

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