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Ice Bricks: now with BELVILLE magic!

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I've been enjoying my classic yellow Ice Cube Tray for a while now, but I've been concerned what I would do if it broke. Could I keep living? Not prepared to take the risk, when S@H released a new Blue one (852660) recently I saw this as a good opportunity to buy a spare. At the same time the BELVILLE (851973) one was on a steep sale so I bought one of them too.


As you can see they are much the same size. Since this is supposed to be a review, I should say that these are quite good to use. Since they are flexible you do need to be careful when putting them in a freezer, and for the same reason you do need to put them somewhere flat and firm. Removing the Ice isn't too hard due to the flexibility, but if you're a dolt like me and fill these up to the brim it can be a tad stressful


The BELVILLE one is really deep and gives a great shape to the ice. I was very impressed with the results.


I've been waiting for a hot day to take these photos, and yesterday that day came. Enter the kiddies...

I force my kids to use these LEGO sports bottles. They are rather worse for wear... but that's TLGs fault for making a container designed for drinks, and then using a good glue to put the label on!


The girl (Myra) gets hearts and butterflies...

...and the boy (Max) gets just one heart and loads of bricks! These rules have been passed down to me for generations and I have no say in them.


Myra samples...

...and she survives!


Filled with BELVILLE magic!

Max has a go...


...and it seems we have two satisfied customers! (Sorry for the photos; Max doesn't sit still...)

Later that evening I have some in some 'Kahl˙a'. Note the butterfly.

You really can taste the BELVILLE magic!

Overall thoughts

Parts: Hard to MOC with.1/10
Price: Cheap! 10/10
Looks: Pink LEGO is always great! 10/10
Fudge: Instead of sucking LEGO and feeling silly, I can now do it guilt free! 10/10

Overall: Highly Recommended. 10/10.

Last updated 28 May 09

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