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Balrog - Game Ships

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Set Name: Balrog
Piece Count: 364
Set Description: While the Balrog was a huge ship, this version is just a light fighter styled to resemble the Flying Fortress. For some odd reason we decided to include a walrus. The ship has many details, such as a removable front weapon module, retractable front landing gear, thrusters front and back, three rotating turrets and a Star Blazers rip-off front gun design. (You can see this ship in the background of both Block Block pictures. As to that ship being "Balrog", it's just a guess. It matches the description though!)
Theme: Game Ships. This theme will include iconic ships and vehicles from computer games. Companies who have agreed so far include Square, Capcom, Insomniac and Bungie.

NOTE: Packaging is not final yet. Market research has indicated that the set might be more popular if we include dancing girls and an overflowing bin...

Confused? You weren't the only one! This was made for a very odd Eurobricks contest In short the picture to the right was to be used as inspiration. The picture is of a fake toy set based on the game Strider. I chose to build the ship seen in the top-middle.

I was largely happy with this model in the context of the contest, but I never considered it finished... and it probably never will be! I did however like the rear engines and I'll probably re-work this into another ship.



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