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Photo History

Miss the original picture? I sure do as I was much cooler then. Ahhh, those were the days.... But that photo was when I was 21 so I should stop kidding all of those poor young innocents who keep sending me those proposals only to realize that I am actually quite old and boring. I quite liked that photo, especially how half my face was in shadow, and for that reason I used it long after it reflected my appearance. Since I have never had a photo that I actually liked much since I try to change the photo every year.


Late 96? - The original. It was taken by the sister of a friend.

3 Mar 04 - Coll took this one in Rockhampton. Note the start of a LEGO collection...


27 Oct 05 - Taken using a tripod and timer in Hobart. I'm still using that main monitor, but the smaller one to the right has a problem with the backlight so it's used as a spare. I was experimenting with my hair around this time!

4 Oct 06 - The end of my Master Plan; grow my hair, bleach my hair, go bald!


10 June 09 - It's been three years between photos? Wow, that went fast...

4 July 10 - Dual screens are so 20th century...

Other Pages

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