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8943 Axalara T9

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..but Thok looks the part. See; he's smiling!

The front has some good details.


The model is too big for my photo area, and I'll embarrass myself here by proving it.

The panels just ahead of Lewa Nuva lift... reveal a nice stowage area. (I do wonder where the engine of this thing fits though...)

The last sight the enemy will see before 8 balls bounce off his head.


The tip extension works via ball joints and a rotor.

Wing detail

Door: Remote opening of two split doors via knob wheels.
Wings: Extending via rotor connected using ball joints and steering links, driven via knob wheels.
Shooting function: Boing ouch, boing ouch, boing ouch, boing ouch (x2)
Stand: Retractable.
Remote shooting would have been nice 8/10

Loads of the new panels and a lot of the newer bionicle parts. It's a great source of knob wheels too; 10 are included. 9/10

At $129.99 AUD for 693 parts it isn't good. Since many of them are pins it's pretty horrid actually. I bought this half price and I've either seen this set on sale... or not selling. 5/10

I like the design of this. From most angles it looks solid. 8/10

It's fun to swoosh around, but ultimately for a non-bionicle fan it doesn't offer a lot at full price. At half price it's a steal! 2/10

Overall: Not recommended at full price. 6/10











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