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8291 Dirt Bike

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The 8291 Dirt Bike comes from a long line of Technic bikes, and I think it's the best ever.

It looks great, and it's fun to ride around in the house. I hoped to find a figure the right size for it, but none of mine would fit.


Unlike a lot of Technic models, it looks good from all angles.

Considering the size of the model it has a complicated way of connecting the engine to the wheel.


The rear shocks are just the right stiffness...

...and they have a good amount of travel.


I thought these shocks were new. :blush: I need to get out more...

Here it is with a smaller gear. I think it looks better...


...but the problem is that it's too tight and it doesn't rotate as freely anymore.

Adding another link makes it too loose! Thus the set is probably the way it is as it has the gear that fit best.


Shocks: Two front, one stiffer one in the rear.
Drivetrain: 2 piston engine linked to the rear wheel via gears and a chainlink.
Steering: Yes it does...
Stand: Retractable.

For the price, size and subject, what else could be added? 10/10

Parts: Considering that it has three shocks and a 40 chainlinks it's a great set for parts. Some hard to use large parts are included, but they are not overused. The usage of the green does limit part usage somewhat though, and I'll be struggling to find a use for those wheels for anything other than a motorbike. 8/10

Price: At $39.99 AUD for 248 parts it isn't the best value set. The US price is $25.00 which is somewhat better. It does have some more complicated parts however. 7/10

Looks: Lego seems to be moving away from the see-though look for Technic sets and this is a good example of it. I'm not a big fan of fairings but I think they work great in this set as a fuel tank. 8/10

Fudge: This set was great for me as I have never had a Technic bike. However for those that want this for just parts or have other bikes it could be a hard sell. The alternate model (a chopper) is a complete rebuild (which I didn't make), and it's great that Lego have been including these most of the time lately. 7/10

Overall: Recommended. 8/10







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