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8106 Aero Booster

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I really liked this set and Aero Booster was on my non-break list. Eventually it was broken due to fragility issues.

The center white section is rather hollow, and thus when it breaks it really breaks and was hard to fix.


The arms and side jets are very poseable. I am not sure if it was the intention, but they are the right height to use as a prop so he doesn't fall over. (The technic liftarm in the middle is not tall enough. It is there more to for swooshing reasons, and also to help you fire the projectile.)

The mech and the backpack are held together with a single axel, which works quite well. (It normally sits flush. I have half removed it to show how it connects.)


The left weapon is removable and fits into the mechs left hand if you remove the hose and use the yellow axel joiner on the right shoulder. (I don't really like this feature.)



Aside from splashing out on a new golden top, Ha-Ya-To is the same as last year. (New guy on left.)


This part was a large reason why I wanted this set.

It is used on the gun for decoration, but it reality it is a Technic Driving Ring and my only piece like it is buried in an 8421 crane. This piece is priced from 5-15 USD on Bricklink and this is the cheapest set it has ever been found in. Over all, I think this is a great set, and I have found myself running though the house making jet noises. I highly recommend it.

Last updated 26 Jun 09

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