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XXL Mobile Crane (7249)

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This is a surprising model from Lego. It is the first time I have seen a Lego vehicle that can fit two mini figures side-by-side. In my opinion it is largely based on the Liebherr LTM1300/1 and I am in the process of making it look more like it. The first step was to remove the articulation. It was probably designed that way to make it easier to assemble (as well as making it slightly steerable) but I have not seen any cranes like that! I have also lengthened the extending boom by a third.


After I lengthened the boom

Err... testing the boom


The top needed a tweak too

De-articulated with a bonus storage area

I made some further mods after these photos, but I didn't take any photos, and it's too late now as it has been recycled! However for all it's flaws I've been missing this model... and I think the parts are currently un-used.

Last updated 11 Jun 09

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