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4954 Model Town House

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All the parts. If you want tan, this is the set to get!

Main model.


The garage is a great addition...

...but the car only just fits!


The main house is very nice looking.

The windows extend to the sides...


...but not the back.

The chimney and drainage work very well, and I love the 'basement'.


I think the front works very well. When I was making this I was multitasking doing weight training; do a set, do a step, do a set... and I ended up missing one of the row paths. I discovered this after I finished the basement.

The removable roof reveals BYO floors. Probably why this is called a Model house!


The roof was quite interesting to build. This is my first large house set so it all was very new to me.

I love the garage door.


More nice pipework.

This photo I mis-focused but there isn't much to see anyway!


The door is a nice touch. The grill to the right that's on both sides is not just decoration as it hides the hinges for the door.

I also made one of the sub-models. I was considering keeping this but I decided against it.


Once again the sides have windows...

...but the back doesn't. The truck is there to make the photo more worthwhile!


The roof to this one doesn't come off easily as all the tiles are used for the front.

Just to clarify; these houses aren't attached so you can arrange them however you want.


The fronts are quite elaborate and it seems that Lego were trying to make this almost like a simpler market street.

The truck is too small for a minifig...



I highly recommend this set. In most countries it is good value for money, including Australia. The design is excellent and three instructions are included. (The third is a school.) I love how each house has its own car. Due to the way the primary model is made it is a bit weak at the corner, but that was a design choice. My only real complaint about this set is how Lego is going though a mould transition and thus some roof slopes are rough, others are smooth. I can accept either, and Lego has been moving to smooth slopes for years now, but to have a set with about 50/50 is annoying. (The MTT was the same.) But that is my only gripe with this excellent set.

...but it probably was my favourite car.


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