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Excessive population, usage of fossil fuels and the depletion of the plants made the Earth a near wasteland by the late 21st Century. But it seems the planet had this all planned. Oil based fuels were too expensive for everyday usage by 2030, and economic synthetics never eventuated. This resulted in a sharp decrease in personal travel forcing a re-evaluation of the way humans lived. The solution was obvious; everyone should live closer together!

Realising that there was no time for old disagreements the world came together at last, and chose two projects to ensure humanities survival; a new home and a new power source. As things turned out, both solutions were easier than thought. The home issue was solved in a few months by applying research into the abandoned colony ship, creating the vast Habitation structures, or 'Habs', and the long sought after Fusion technology was at last made to work in a relatively stunning 2 years. Actually applying these decisions obviously took longer... and further devastated the Earth. Around 65% of the population died during this time, but by 2085 everyone lived in a Hab.

The initial Habs themselves were build in four locations around the world; central Australia, Antarctica, Siberia and Central America and were designed to protect and provide for the people inside. Due to a series of events the Antarctic Hab failed in 2092, and all but around 10,000 froze before systems were brought on-line again.

At first the Habs used the outside environment heavily, but over years they all were expanded to contain internal parklands which was used to process wastes as well as provide a way for people to go 'outside'. By around 2120 all were mostly self-sufficient. At around this time it was noticed that the Earth seemed to be recovering; it was even possible for most to go outside and breathe without assistance. Further research indicated that most species had in fact survived, and the ocean in particular was almost normal.

This caused much division among the people; should they leave the Habs or stay? A worldwide vote was held, and by a surprising 78%, it was decided that people should stay. In fact it was eventually decided that the Habs should try to help the Earth recover. Multi-level parklands were built all around the world to help the atmosphere recover, and robots that were once used for just mining were used to clean up the mistakes of the past. Not everyone accepted these decisions however, but leaving the Habs was a difficult thing to do... and the punishments were harsh when they were caught.

By the mid 22nd century the Earth was a healthy place as humans were mostly just using the land, and research started developing in other areas, such as space...


For the most part humans have remembered their lesson, and rarely rely on the atmosphere of a planet. The Talemi is one of the cases where this lesson was forgotten... and as luck would have it, there were disastrous consequences.

Last updated 25 Oct 09

Important note While I do a lot of research and try to be as realistic as possible, the "science" here is junk science at best. For the most part it's just for fun so please don't be quoting any of this as fact! Just the same, if you think I'm really wrong tell me via the Slog. Especially if you think I can change my "facts" to be more realisic without affecting the story.

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