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Earth prior to the break-away colonies and Classic Earth. Despite the dreams of the early Sci-Fi writers, space exploration came to a near stand-still in the 1970s when the funds were diverted to what was seen as more important causes. When humanity was faced with near extinction 50 years later due to Pollution interest returned, but it was all too late for that option then. Even so the people of Old Earth only survived due to some of that reseach when Habitation technology designed for colony ships was re-applied.

Last updated 26 Oct 09

Important note While I do a lot of research and try to be as realistic as possible, the "science" here is junk science at best. For the most part it's just for fun so please don't be quoting any of this as fact! Just the same, if you think I'm really wrong tell me via the Slog. Especially if you think I can change my "facts" to be more realisic without affecting the story.

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