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Deeping seemed an easy achievement to many as they saw it from the point of view that some animals do it all the time... but this logic was ignoring the obvious; do any of these animals live for hundreds of years? Even so early experimentations were done and were quite successful; repeat testing of 18 months (with a month rest in-between) over a period of 10 years visibly supported the concept of Deeping. This led to the predicable big test; 5 years. Five families agreed to be part of the test... but only the children of one survived. The public reaction resulted in the politicians of the day making laws to control further experiments; the end result being that today Deeping is only used for periods of under six month in militaries.

Last updated 23 Aug 09

Important note While I do a lot of research and try to be as realistic as possible, the "science" here is junk science at best. For the most part it's just for fun so please don't be quoting any of this as fact! Just the same, if you think I'm really wrong tell me via the Slog. Especially if you think I can change my "facts" to be more realisic without affecting the story.

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