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The term "Classic" dates back to Old Earth times. By the 23rd century, Old Earth was full. Pollution had been controlled to a degree, but the simple fact was that 50 billion people were too much for a small planet. Almost everyone lived in vast interconnected Habitation structures that were 95% self sufficient by using technology designed (but never used) for colony ships. Leaving these habitations was stictly enforced. At this stage Mars was colonised, but the cost of travel there was too much for most and robots and the original colonist families did most of the work there anyway.

The development of the D-Drive changed everything. Probes found thousands of nearby planetary systems, and only a few hundred were taken. But the few hundred that were taken highlighted the need for urgency, so companies offered free passage to colonists, and many took up the offer. The new colonies soon became rich due to the vast increase in resources, and soon many of the colonies declared independence from Old Earth, and offered to pay the skilled, smart and sexy to join them.

But not everyone wanted to go; after 200 years of mass emigration roughly 100 million remained. The name itself all started out as a common insult, which went something like this; "You're smart; why aren't you going to a colony? Are you too classic or something?" However, instead of taking offense to this name the people left took to it, renamed "Earth" to "Classic Earth", and formed the "Classic Space Union" along with the 1429 other systems that didn't break away.

With most of the other planets being independent, this left the Classics as the dominant human force in space. 500 years later nothing much has changed in regard to this. Alliances have come and gone, but none have replaced them. Over time they decided that due to this they should act like the universes policemen. This is welcomed occasionally, tolerated mostly... and opposed rarely.

Last updated 25 Oct 09

Important note While I do a lot of research and try to be as realistic as possible, the "science" here is junk science at best. For the most part it's just for fun so please don't be quoting any of this as fact! Just the same, if you think I'm really wrong tell me via the Slog. Especially if you think I can change my "facts" to be more realisic without affecting the story.

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